In my last blog, I talked about moxibustion which was good for adding energy to the body through heat. Cupping is excellent at calming down the body and getting rid of excess energy/pent up energy. Cupping is a type of bodywork that uses suction cups to pull muscles up instead of push them down. This modality is wonderful for people with tight and achy muscles. Although cupping can be done just about anywhere on the body, I most often use fire cupping for tight back and shoulders. Loosening these areas can help with chronic tension headaches, chest distension, and sore back.

Like Moxa there are many different styles that are used. I use primarily slide cupping in practice. This style can help keep bruising to a minimum. I do let the cups sit stationary for short periods of time over tighter areas of muscles, but I spend the majority of the time moving them along the tight area. The other style I will use periodically is called ‘Flash Cupping’ this style is very effective at dislodging phlegm build up in the respiratory system in conditions such as coughs and bronchitis. This style uses fire cupping, but in a very quick manner. As soon as the cup is able to suction to the skin, I pull it off immediately.

There are some risks to cupping, and just like Moxa, is not for everyone. As I mentioned above, cupping can cause round bruises - I like to call these bruises octopus kisses. They do heal, and often people feel better as they are healing. But for people who bruise easily, or bruises take time to heal, this may not be the best type of treatment. Call today to find out how Cupping can help you!