I'm pleased to announce that Carolyn Provencher Acupuncture has joined with Marc Weinrick of MQT Acupuncture and Bodywork, and Dharmini Robertson of Coldwater Haven Ayurvedic Health and Yoga Therapy, to form the Trailhead Holistic Health Collective. Our collective will enable each of us to maintain our own practices while working together to maximize our effectiveness. What does that mean, you ask? Great question. Essentially it means that I will get to do more of what I love best, which is working to help my patients feel better and live fuller lives. This pooling of resources means that I will have additional time and energy to devote to practicing acupuncture and serving the Marquette community rather than spending time attending to the "business" side of running a business. As a collective, we anticipate collaborating in areas that will benefit all of our practices while maintaining the independence that has earned our patients' trust. As practitioners, we share many philosophies and goals that enable us to work together. We will be able to share resources more effectively while maintaining our individual identities.

Our vision for this collective is that every person who walks through our doors feels safe, cared for, and comfortable. We aim to create a space where all are welcome to come heal and learn. We all love our callings and the ways that we are able to serve people. We want to become even better at what we do and also spend time offering classes and workshops to enable people to help and care for themselves. We plan to offer community movie, food, and activity nights in order to continue to build and give back to the Marquette community. We want the people who come through our doors to leave better than when they came. The opportunity to hold space and compassion for people who seek out our expertise is something that we take seriously.

Over the next few months some things will change while others will stay the same. We will be moving into a new space large enough to hold our new dreams and visions. Watch the website for our new address and contact information. Individually and collectively, our priorities will still be to work toward improved health for everyone who seeks us out.