Whether Valentine's Day has you looking forward to being spoiled by a significant other or dreading people asking about your relationship status, you can always plan some self care around the middle of February.

Since spring is still a few months away from the Upper Peninsula, you might be tired of the cold and cloudy weather. With the ups and downs of the mercury lately, it can feel as though spring is coming and then being snatched away again. If you find yourself getting particularly down or depressed on cloudy days, a light therapy lamp can help. These lamps mimic the sun's rays and can make a significant difference for people with seasonal mood issues. Be aware, though, that you absorb the most vitamin D through your breast tissue and the undersides of your arms, so a lamp will be most effective if you can expose these areas of your body. If a lamp isn't in the budget, at least try to get outside every day. It's worth the effort to pick a nice day or to bundle up and brave the chill for a few minutes of fresh air, especially when the sun does decide to peek out. If your idea of self care extends more toward pampering, don't be afraid to go that route. Schedule yourself for a massage or a manicure. If money is tight, make the time to do it yourself. A soak in the tub, or even just a foot soak, and a fresh coat of nail polish can do wonders for elevating your mood.

If you're a more introspective sort, be sure to respect that side of yourself as well. Take a few minutes to brew some tea and sit. If you're interested in a new blend, we have some great tea recipes available after our Medicinal Tea Community Night. Feel free to stop by for inspiration or a sample. Buy or borrow a new read that you've had your eye on. Some quiet time can also help you to feel refreshed. Try making a list of 5 or 10 things you are thankful for. Sketch or color something that appeals to you.

If looking towards the future helps you to feel more grounded and in control, try planning a new project and then figuring out how to execute it. Pinterest can be a great inspirational tool for this, as long as it doesn't make you feel discouraged or overwhelmed. If that seems like too much, snap a picture of something that you want to remember about this stage in your life. You can print it for an album or scrapbook, or just have it to look back on. Often looking for something positive will help to improve your mood.

Whether your Valentine's Day includes dinner out, an evening in, or time alone, make time for something that will help you push through the winter chill.