For 10 years, I have said that Marquette needs a community acupuncture clinic and I am excited to offer this on a small scale.  Community acupuncture means leaning into community as an integral part of healing. Knowing that everyone in the room is there to grow, learn and heal in their own way. 

How will it work?  

I will have 4 reclining zero gravity chairs set up in a room and at any given time there may be 0-4 of them filled with people.  Prior to your appointment, you will receive an email with a quick intake.  Please fill this out prior to your appointment to give me an idea of what we are working on.  I will likely ask a few questions and take your pulses, but the talking will be minimal to respect the privacy of everyone.  All acupuncture points will be easily accessible around your clothing, but do try and wear loose fitting clothing.  

My reasons for offering this are many
One is purely logistical.  My schedule has been jam packed for the last year - opening up the community clinic one day per week means almost doubling my availability and being able to get people in more easily when they need it.  

The second is about accessibility. One of the hardest parts about my job is knowing how inaccessible it is to so many people in our community.  A community acupuncture practice is one way to bridge that gap.  Acupuncture often requires weekly or even twice weekly visits for the initial phase of treatment. For many people, this can be a huge financial burden.  In a community setting, I am able to provide quality acupuncture treatments on a sliding scale making it more feasible for people to get the care they need.  

The community acupuncture clinic will be available on Thursdays starting September 12, 2024 from 10 am until 3 pm at Still Point North. 

A few details: 

  • You will still need to make these appointments online, sorry no walk-ins available at this time. Book under Carolyn Provencher Acupuncture and choose Community Acupuncture Session.
  • I will still require a full initial intake prior to your first appointment.  I have opened up 1 day/week specifically for virtual intakes to make this easier.  
  • Moxa will be used very sparingly in the community acupuncture setting.  I will not be able to provide full moxa treatments during these sessions. 
  • Acupuncture points will generally be on the arms, legs, and head.  Please wear loose fitting clothing for your session. 
  • Sliding scale is anything from $35-$85/session. You pay what you can, no questions asked
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Carolyn Provencher

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