Seasonal transitions like Fall to Winter and Winter to Spring, are a time when we may find ourselves under the weather (common colds). I want to share one of my favorite remedies with you for when you need it. For the following ingredients, I recommend finding them at your local food co-op or favorite local farm. 

2 Green Onions

2-3 Dime sized slices of Fresh Ginger

4-5 Dime sized slices of Fresh Tumeric

1-2 slices of Jalapeno or other hot pepper

Local Honey (optional)

Seep in hot water (8 oz. - 12 oz.) for 4-5 minutes ~ Drink throughout the day.  You can continue to use the same mix for the whole day, just continue to add hot water. 



Keep this mix prepared and in the freezer for when you or a loved one needs.  

Carolyn Provencher

Carolyn Provencher

Acupuncturist and Flower Essence Therapist

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