Welcome! I am Carolyn.
I guide those who feel lost and overwhelmed through a compassionate and highly individualized journey of self discovery.

Whether you are navigating a medical diagnosis, a specific symptom, or just feeling out of sorts, the individualized journey I provide is a road map to rediscovering yourself. 

I utilize acupuncture, flower essences, and other modalities and integrative practices to help your body and mind shift how they respond to the environment.  Together, we can help you reach your health goals. 

It Takes a Lot of Courage to Try Something New.

When you are seeking a doctor – you aren’t going to reach out to an orthopedic surgeon to help with your heart issues and you probably won’t seek out a heart specialist if you broke a bone.  The approaches are going to be very different and for good reason.

Acupuncture is no different.  I specialize in a subtle style of acupuncture that primarily affects the superficial fascia in the body.  This technique is most beneficial for systemic, chronic conditions and emotional health.