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One of the things that I love about acupuncture is how much there is to learn.  Chinese medicine is a complete medical system and I get completely geeked about how treating one part of the body can change and shift the way another part of the body works. It is still miraculous to me that you actually don’t treat the seemingly affected area with needles, but a different area on the body through what I like to call, “Interactive Acupuncture”.

This style is most often used for pain related symptoms. So for instance, if someone comes in with elbow pain, I can treat the knee.  By keeping needles out of the elbow, they can freely move the painful area of the body and I can see immediate and substantial results right in the treatment room.  Who knew that a single needle in the front of the leg could immediately increase the range of motion of someone’s shoulder.  Let me tell you, it is pretty fun to watch the expression on people’s faces when they see it work too.

Now, considering I don’t treat a lot of pain syndromes, this isn’t something I have used on a regular basis. However, I recently completed a class doing something similar for neurological and psycho-emotional disorders as well. I have started integrating this new interactive therapy into my practice and so far,I am amazed by the positive results that I have seen already.  I am working with people who have Parkinsons, anxiety, depression, and PTSD and I am excited to say they are all noticing significant shifts for the better too! 

These integrated sessions take a little more time because they are done in two parts.  The first 30-40 minutes is a typical acupuncture session on specific body points.  For the second half of the session, I remove a portion of the needles, then get you off of the table to engage and interact with your thoughts through different creative or physical activities.  In sessions focusing on psychological/emotional sessions, this process will be integrating creative journaling in a format of their choosing like writing, painting, drawing, etc. This creative flow allows you to express and put your thoughts down on paper. For people working with more physical limitations, such as Parkinsons or Multiple Sclerosis, the second half of the session will include more movement based practices like stretching, yoga, walking, etc…

I am offering a special, introductory package of 10 Interactive Acupuncture Sessions for $1250 or $125 per session. This package is only available for this price through August 31st, 2022. These sessions will expire one year from the date of purchase.  Individual Interactive Sessions are $160.00 per session.

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